Eyebrow Tattoo For Women

Does the design of your eyebrows come out crooked or uneven? Do your penciled brows wear off during the day? Do you have little or no eyebrow hair? Are your eyebrows sparse due to over tweezing or a medical condition? Is your eyebrow hair lightly colored, thin in places, or you wish you had more eyebrow hair?

MonaNisa Beauty is a specialist in eyebrow tattoo. We offer various eyebrow tattoo styles, including the "Hairstroke eyebrows", also known as 3D eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, or microblading. "Shading eyebrows" is another style we provide and we also highly recommend our unique and popular style combining both hairstroke and shading techniques that we refer as "Mix eyebrows".
We use the highest industry standards in pure and micro pigments and anesthetics.
All instruments are one time sterile disposable.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have an eyebrow treatment if I've just had a cosmetic injection?

If you've had a cosmetic injection in the forehead or near the eyebrow areas, you will need to wait 2-3 months before being able to have an eyebrow treatment.
If you intend to have a cosmetic injection but haven't had it yet, it is better to wait 1 week after the eyebrow treatment.

How do I prepare myself for the eyebrow procedure?

You should be healthy and the skin in your eyebrow area should not be irritated or sensitive.

  • 1 month prior to the procedure, discontinue any Vitamin A/Retinol products.
  • 3 weeks prior to the procedure, do not have any cosmetic treatment injection on your face.
  • 2 weeks prior to the procedure, try to avoid any Vitamin E or fish oil unless medically necessary.
  • 3 days prior to the procedure, discontinue any medication containing aspirin (Tylenol is okay) unless medically prescribed by your physician. No medication should be discontinued without first consulting your physician!
  • Wear your eyebrow pencil or powder for style evaluation and bring it with you for color matching.
  • If you can, bring a picture of eyebrows you like or save it on your phone.
    To avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit:
  • 24-48 hours before the procedure, do not drink any alcohol.
  • There is no need to take any aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief because it thins your blood.
  • On the day of the procedure, do not drink any coffee or work out.
How long does each procedure take and what is the process involved?

The total duration of the process is about 2 hours and the steps are described below:

  • Application of a numbing cream

    The skin is cleaned with an appropriate cleanser for permanent make up tattoo, and a topical anesthetics is applied to numb your eyebrows for 25 mins.

  • Consultation form

    You fill out a client consultation form including a medical history for review by a Registered Nurse.

  • Discussion about the desired style

    We evaluate your face shape and discuss your preferred style, drawing the symmetry with pencil on your eyebrows so that you can see what you like or dislike. Together we select the color and the style of the eyebrows that suits you the best. Photos are taken before the procedure for your file. Your eyebrow shape, style and colors are also recorded for future reference.

  • The eyebrow procedure

    The hairstroke eyebrow procedure usually takes less than an hour while the shading and mix eyebrow procedures take a bit more than an hour. We continue applying the local anesthetics during the procedure to make it comfortable until the end.

  • Photos after the procedure

    Photos are taken after the procedure for future reference. You can then compare the results before and after the procedure. At first, your eyebrows look darker and thicker than expected, but it will lighten and soften after healing.

  • Aftercare

    You receive aftercare items for your eyebrows and detailed instructions as part of a complete aftercare kit at no additional cost.

Does eyebrow cosmetic tattooing hurt?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person. A topical anesthetic is applied to numb your eyebrows before and during the procedure, so very little discomfort is experienced. Most of our clients feel that it is irritating but not painful.

How do my eyebrows look like after the procedure?

  • 1

    Right after

    Quite intense, too dark due to the excess of pigment in the epidermis. Will be slightly red if you have a very sensitive skin, and a little tender immediately after the procedure. This will go away within 2-3 hours or up to 24 hours depending on your age and your type of skin.

  • 2

    Few hours to few days

    Looks patchy due to tissue swelling and clusters attempting to break it down. The color gets even darker.

  • 3

    Day 4-7

    Scabbing and falling off.

  • 4

    Day 8-10

    Feels like nothing left on the brows but don’t worry.

  • 5

    Day 10-14

    The pigment begins to bloom back. You will see more and more color showing up.

  • 6

    Within 28-45 days

    The final healed tattoo color will appear slightly altered.

  • 7

    After touch-up

    Brows can be fixed and made perfect during the touch-up visit. Your brows will then change the same way as described previously.

How long does the cosmetic tattoo last?

The pigment can last from 1 to 3 years. Hairstroke eyebrows will last only a year and we recommend to have a touch-up once a year. Light colors will fade faster than dark colors. The advantage is that the color can be modified or changed to follow any new trend. The color fading will depend on several factors: aftercare instructions are followed, UV exposure, skin care treatments, health condition, medication, lifestyle, and the color implanted (light vs dark color). You can schedule maintenance visits every year or every few years to keep the color fresh.

When are the follow-up (or touch-up) and maintenance appointments to eyebrows cosmetic tattoo procedures?

The tattooed color may not be perfect after the initial procedure heals. A follow-up appointment is normally scheduled within 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your age, to determine how the eyebrows tattoo procedure healed and if any further work is needed because some area might healed lighter from tissue swelling and bleeding during the procedure. The result color that you see from the pigments used plus your skin tone. If your healed color leans toward an undesired tone, it can be adjusted at the second visit. Your eyebrows will probably heal lighter or thinner than you desire but they can be darkened or thickened with a second application of pigment at a follow-up visit (“touch-up”).

What is involved in the healing and after care of the eyebrows?

Swelling may last from 2 to 24 hours, this is very individual.
Aftercare will be covered after your procedure, and a sheet with aftercare instructions will be provided for you to take home.

Right afer the procedure: Pat it dry. Gently blot the area every 5 minutes with a clean tissue to absorb excess of lymph fluid for the full day until oozing has stopped to prevent any hardening of the lymph.

Day 1 – 7: Wash daily to remove bacteria and dead skin with an antibacterial soap such as Cetaphil, by using your fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrows. Rub the area in a smooth motion for 10 seconds and rinse well with the water. The cleansing products should not contain any acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or any exfoliates.

Keep moist with aftercare: Apply the provided aftercare ointment with a cotton swab on the treated area. Do not use Vaseline and do not over-apply as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing. The ointment should be barely noticeable on the skin. Never put the ointment on a wet or damp tattoo.

Extra tips to help with a smooth and easy recovery:
  • During the 1st week: Use a fresh and clean pillowcase. Avoid sleeping on your face.
    Do not scratch, pick out the scab because it might cause infection, scarring or loss of color.
    Avoid hot and sweaty exercise. Do not apply eyebrow pencil and cream on the treated area.
  • During the first 10 days: Avoid swimming, sauna, spa, steam, heavy sweating and long hot showers.
  • During 4 weeks: No facials, cosmetic treatment injection, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion. Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning (wear a hat).
Shower tips: Limit your showers to 5 minutes to prevent create too much steam. Keep your eyebrows out of the water while you wash your body, then wash your hair then wash your face at the end. Avoid excessive rinsing and hot water on the treated area.

What Is The Difference Between 3D and 6D Eyebrows?

There is no difference, it is just marketing. Therefore, we do not advertise for 6D eyebrows.

What Is The Difference Between Realistic, Hair Stroke, Shading and Mix Eyebrows?

  • Realistic eyebrows (a.k.a fluffy brows, nano brows, nano hair strokes, machine strokes...) are eyebrows created with a digital machine and a single ultra-fine needle. This advanced technique has several benefits over microblading and enables artists to create more natural looking eyebrows.
  • Hairstroke​ eyebrows​ is a microblading technique by creating hair strokes all over the eyebrows shape to fill the empty gaps and give the illusion of fuller brows. The Hairstroke eyebrows design will give you the most natural look and is the one commonly referred to as 3D eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, or microblading.
  • Shading​ Eyebrows​ consists in blending the color on the eyebrows by using several colors. A lighter color is applied at the head of the eyebrows while a darker color is applied at the tail. This technique will give your eyebrows a perfect shape without any empty gaps.
  • Mix eyebrows​ is a combination of microblading technique and shading technique. It is our signature eyebrows style. This design is for people who are lazy to draw eyebrows everyday, who do not know how to draw eyebrows, or who have an old eyebrow tattoo, or who want both a natural look and a perfect shape.

Can men have eyebrow tattoos?

Yes, many of our men customers had their eyebrows done at MonaNisa Beauty. Men want to have nice eyebrows like women to improve their physionomy. The most appropriate eyebrow style for men is the realistic eyebrows for men.

Is it safe?

  • Before any procedure, we run a health screening to ensure the highest level of safety.
  • Our knowledge of the skin anatomy allows us to have a more accurate tattoo technique.
  • We use a range of anesthesia products to manage the pain before and during the procedure.
  • We put a particular emphasis on sterile techniques acquired from our nursing background.
  • All our equipment is carefully cleaned with 99% alcohol and an autoclave that uses steam to sterilize equipment before and after the procedure.
  • The qualities of our needles meet the standards of medical procedures. All needles are new and sterile for each client. Unopened new and sterile needles are opened in your presence. Personal protection equipment such as disposable one-time use gloves are new for each client and changed during the procedure when needed.
  • The colors used for our beauty tattoos are pigments manufactured in Europe, USA and Canada, sterilized and purified, MRI safe, approved by the FDA and certified by the EU for cosmetic use.
  • We also make our best to provide a clean parlour in a friendly and comfortable environment.

I have an old permanent eyebrow tattoo done at another shop. Can I still have a new eyebrow tattoo?

Yes you can but it depends on how dark the color of your previous tattoo color is. Please note that if you had an eyebrow tattoo done at another salon, there is an additional cost of 1,000฿ to take into account the additional complexity due to the shape constraints of the old eyebrow tattoo. You might also need a correction and removal whose details can be found here.

What Is The Difference Between Standard and Premium Equipment?

Standard equipment with Artist SaaPremium equipment with Master Nisa
Pigment quality
Contains iron oxydes
Compliant with FDA regulations
Sensitivity tested by DERMATEST®

Does not contain iron oxydes
Higher pigment density
Compliant with the requirements of ResAP (2008 )1, the ruling of 21.12.2012 and the new pharmaceutical raw material Regulation 04 /2013 concerning nickel content
Color fadingOrange/reddish color appears after fading due to the presence of iron oxides in the pigmentNo orange/reddish color appears after fading due to the absence of iron oxides in the pigment
Needle quality
High standard

High-end premium
Needle sharpness

Crisper lines
Machine quality
(applicable to all procedures except hair stroke eyebrows)

Standard features

Better noise control and vibration isolation, needle pressure auto-adjustment to skin resistance and other advanced features
Artist's years of experienceSince 2016Since 2013
Languages spokenThai, Lao (Our administrative assistant will have to interpret into English)English, Thai, Lao

Why having your eyebrows done at MonaNisa Beauty?

  • Our designs are unique and made to match your personality.
  • We carefully select multiple colors, blend them and apply the pigments into the skin to perfectly match each customer.
  • Before any procedure, we run a health screening to ensure the highest level of safety.
  • We put a particular emphasis on sterile techniques acquired from our nursing background.
  • Our knowledge of the skin anatomy allows us to have a more accurate tattoo technique.
Skin anatomy
  • We use a range of anesthesia products to manage the pain before and during the procedure.
  • All our equipment are carefully cleaned with 99% alcohol. We are also the very first permanent make-up shop in Thailand to use an autoclave to sterilize our equipment before and after the procedure.
  • The quality of our needles meet the standards of medical procedures.
  • Our parlour is a clean, friendly and comfortable environment.
  • The colors used for our beauty tattoos are pigments manufactured in Europe, USA and Canada, sterilized and purified, MRI safe, approved by the FDA and certified by the EU for cosmetic use.
Swiss Color brow pigments
  • Know more about our artists' certifications, awards and recognitions by visiting the following page.
Permablend Tina Davies brow pigments

We advise you to read information on our website and do some research before making a decision on a procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo's healing process

Reviews from our customers

Meet our beauty technicians

Nisa, Registered Nurse, Master Permanent make-up artist

I used to work as a registered nurse in one of the international hospitals in Bangkok, before joining the United Nations as a consultant.
I graduated as the best specialist from the eyebrows studio academy in Thailand.
Since then, I have studied the best tattoo techniques and followed the latest trends to offer you a design that will provide the most natural enhancement to your face.
In addition to permanent make-up skills, I have also become a certified professional technician in scalp micropigmentation.
I am dedicated and passionate about my work and look forward to helping you feel great and look amazing with our beauty treatments.

Outama Thammalangsy (Saa), Senior Permanent make-up artist

Saa used to be a facial massage therapist before joining MonaNisa Beauty in early 2017. Master Nisa personally trained her on eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow removal, eyelash extensions, lash lifting and lash enhancement. She received additional trainings in hygiene, microblading, microshading and lip color techniques from other institutes.