Full Eyebrow Course

Are you amazed by the final result of eyebrows at MonaNisa Beauty? If you are interested in becoming a permanent make-up artist, we offer a course that will teach you how to create the 3 types of eyebrow tattoo provided by MonaNisa Beauty.

If you are also interested in learning other techniques, you will find the complete list of available courses at www.monanisabeauty.com/en/training/courses/.

What you will be able to do

  • Learn the various eyebrow styles: microblading, shading and our signature mix eyebrows.
  • Learn how to correction the old tattoo color.
  • Select the right pigments to perfectly suit the customer.
  • Learn how to design eyebrows to match the customer's face.
  • Master the color theory and the face analysis.
  • Understand the process from receiving the customer until the end of the procedure.
  • Practice on paper, rubber and on 3 live models.

What does the course include?

  • A good quality permanent make-up rotary machine.
  • 6 pigments from Biotouch USA (3 ml each).
  • A set of microblading needles.
  • A manual microblading pen.
  • A pre numbing cream.
  • A white gown coat.
  • A set of aftercare creams.
  • A training booklet.
  • An eyebrow ruler.
  • A set of eyebrow blades for shaping.
  • 2 eyebrow pencils.
  • A set of color rings.
  • A set of color cups.
  • A color cup stand.
  • A set of nitrile gloves, disposable hats and face masks.
  • A set of micro buds, cotton balls, cotton buds.
  • Practice on 3 live models.
  • A certificate of completion if you pass a written, oral and practice exams on a live model.
  • Free lunches and coffee or tea.

Why choosing MonaNisa Beauty Institute?

  • We put an emphasize on hygiene learnt from our nursing background.
  • We have learnt techniques from various schools and developed our own microblading technique to provide the best results.
  • We provide equipment of quality because we expect our students to use good and safe products to obtain nice results.

Meet your instructor

Nisa has extensive experience in microblading technique and keeps learning other varations of the microblading techniques on a regular basis to perfect her technique. She has also been using different pigments and equipment and can then advise on the best products to use.

Schedule and pricing

5 days

The training runs from 9:00-16:00. Lunches are provided. Here is the schedule for the upcoming courses:

MonthAugust 2019September 2019October 2019November 2019December 2019
Day 1Mon 5 AugMon 9 SepMon 7 OctMon 11 NovMon 23 Dec
Day 2Tue 6 AugTue 10 SepTue 8 OctTue 12 NovTue 24 Dec
Day 3Wed 7 AugWed 11 SepWed 9 OctWed 13 NovWed 25 Dec
Day 4Thu 8 AugThu 12 SepThu 10 OctThu 14 NovThu 26 Dec
Day 5Fri 9 AugFri 13 SepFri 11 OctFri 15 NovFri 27 Dec
Seats left33444

Book this course by sending us a message on our Facebook page or sending us an . To confirm your attendance, you will need to deposit ฿10,000 in a bank account whose details will be provided privately.

Reviews from our students

Disclaimer: This feedback is the subjective opinion of an actual customer as experience may vary by individual.
Disclaimer: This feedback is the subjective opinion of an actual customer as experience may vary by individual.

Nearby accommodations

You will find below a list of accommodations that are very affordable and nearby our training center: