Areola Tattoo

Do you feel insecure after a mastectomy? Would you like to adjust the shape of your nipple and areola following a breast augmentation or reduction or even for cosmetic reasons?

If you have lost your breasts in order to treat breast cancer, we offer medical tattooing treatments to help recreate the natural appearance of nipple and areola as part of the final step of breast reconstruction. If you’ve had a breast augmentation or reduction, we can enhance the size and color of your nipple and areola to match the new size of your breast. If you would like to simply enhance their appearance, an areola 3D tattoo can be an excellent solution.
In this article, we have tried to answer any questions you might have about the procedure.

  • Areola tattoo in action

  • Before/right after and touch-up results of areola tattoo for breast reconstruction

  • Before/Right after picture of areola resizing and nipple recoloring

  • Before/After picture of areola tattoo for breast reconstruction following mastectomy

  • Before/After picture of areola tattoo practice

Frequently asked questions

What is nipple and areola 3D tattooing?

It is a form of micropigmentation, paramedical tattooing which resembles the popular semi-permanent technique to enhance the shape and color of eyebrows, eyeliners, lips...

The results achieved with nipple and areola tattoos can be amazing. Their realistic look will have a positive impact on your body image and will help with your self-esteem.

Will it hurt?

A topical anesthetic is applied to minimize the discomfort as some areas may be more sensitive than others.

Is it going to fade?

As with any cosmetic tattoo treatment, it will fade over time. Depending on your lifestyle, it may start to fade after 1-2 years. We then recommend you to come back for a touch-up when necessary.

What to expect?

Your consultation and treatment will take place in a private room for maximum privacy. Our experienced artist will discuss your color and size preferences. She will measure and outline the nipple and areola to create guidelines.

The cosmetic tattoo artist will embed an organic pigment beneath the skin to create a natural, semi-permanent and beautiful nipple and areola.

The procedure itself will take 1 hour and half so you'll need to be in our clinic for about 2 hours to discuss the treatment beforehand.

How much does it cost?

The price is either ฿9,450 or ฿18,900 depending if you need a single or both areolas to be tattooed.

Why having areola 3D tattooing done at MonaNisa Beauty?

  • Master Nisa is an accomplished semi-permanent make-up artist. As a registered nurse, she has a strong interest in the paramedical applications of cosmetic tattooing. She has connected with breast reconstruction surgeons in Thailand to have a deep understanding of the process and shared her medical tattooing experience with them.
  • She was one of the pioneers to be trained in nipple and areola tattoos and has helped many men and women benefit from her tattooing services, including breast and cancer survivors and also those who just wanted a better nipple/areola look.
Areola Kit from Mandy Sauler and Perma Blend
  • We use world-class specialized pigments for areola to create the most realistic results. Our medical tatooist has at selected a wide range of color shades to match any skin tone
Swiss Color Areola pigments

Reviews from our customers

Meet our beauty technicians

Nisa, Registered Nurse, Master Permanent make-up artist

I used to work as a registered nurse in one of the international hospitals in Bangkok, before joining the United Nations as a consultant.
I graduated as the best specialist from the eyebrows studio academy in Thailand.
Since then, I have studied the best tattoo techniques and followed the latest trends to offer you a design that will provide the most natural enhancement to your face.
In addition to permanent make-up skills, I have also become a certified professional technician in scalp micropigmentation.
I am dedicated and passionate about my work and look forward to helping you feel great and look amazing with our beauty treatments.

Outama Thammalangsy (Saa), Senior Permanent make-up artist

Saa used to be a facial massage therapist before joining MonaNisa Beauty in early 2017. Master Nisa personally trained her on eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow removal, eyelash extensions, lash lifting and lash enhancement. She received additional trainings in hygiene, microblading, microshading and lip color techniques from other institutes.