Eyebrow tattoo removal

Are you disappointed by your current eyebrows tattoo?

If you think your eyebrows are too thick, not aligned properly, or their tail is too low or too high, we can fix it by using SC Color X from Swiss Color. The procedure is completely safe for your skin, without pain nor burning sensation. Only professionals with proper training like MonaNisa Beauty are entitled to use this special technique of correction and removal.

Frequently asked questions

Correction means changing the pigment color of your eyebrow tattoo. You may see a black, grey, dark blue, orange, pink, purple, or green residue from an older eyebrow permanent make-up . We add the appropriate color to correct the previous color and change it to the desired color. Correction costs an additional ฿3,000 to the regular eyebrow tattoo procedure.
Removal means removing the tattoo color for people who are not satisfied of their previous permanent make-up and who want a new design by removing the old shape and recreating a new eyebrow shape. We provide a non-laser removal technique by using the permanent make-up device and a liquid agent. We have 2 products available for removal and the results are different after the procedure. Both have advantages and disadvantages. We still don’t have the best solution of tattoo removal as we know that the laser is the safest procedure to go. However, since cosmetic tattoo pigments are made from iro n oxides, the laser will break the molecules into nano particles which can be transported in lymph nodes, blood system or be deposited in subcutaneous tissue. Contrary to laser, our removal solutions will completely remove the pigments out of the body.

We are using SC Color X from Swiss Color, which is the most effective non laser removal technique. It is based on a weak solution of lactic acid capable of removing all kinds of shapes and colors of permanent make-up. It is able to reject color molecules on the surface of the skin during and after the procedure.

The color will fade down to 20-30% each time the technique is applied, depending on how dark and how deep the color is under your skin. If the color is not too dark, it might fade down to 40-50%. Some people need 2-3 attempts, other people need more than that. You have to be patient because removal needs the time to work on your skin to lift unwanted pigment by stimulating new skin growth and the results get better with time.

Correction and removal both have an additional cost to the eyebrow tattoo procedure and they are priced per visit. In other words, if correction/removal is applied on your eyebrows for the initial procedure and for the touch-up visit, there will be an additional cost at each of those visits.

Correction is a fixed additional cost of ฿3,000 to the eyebrow tattoo procedure, regardless of the amount of correction.

Removal is priced based on the surface of removal as detailed in the following table:

Surface of removalLess than 5 cmMore than 5 cm
Removal with SC Color X฿ 4,500฿ 8,000

Yes, you can but we do not recommend it because you might have 2 eyebrow shapes for a while before the unwanted old shape is gone permanently. However, if you do not mind, we can still do it for you.

A follow-up appointment will be made every 2 months. We will give you an appointment card for the next follow-up to make sure that you won’t miss it.

Yes, you can but you should wait for at least 2 months after the laser surgery because your skin needs to recover from the burn as your skin is very sensitive during the healing process of the laser surgery.

Yes, you can but you have to wait for at least 2 months because we don’t know what the other beauty shop used for removing the old eyebrow tattoo. Your safety is our primary concern so we prefer to ensure that your skin is completed healed before pursuing the removal with us.

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Why removing the old eyebrow tattoo at MonaNisa Beauty?

We advise you to read information on our website and do some research before making a decision on a procedure.

Meet our team

Nisa, Registered Nurse, Master Permanent make-up artist

I used to work as a registered nurse in one of the international hospitals in Bangkok, before joining the United Nations as a consultant.
I graduated as the best specialist from the eyebrows studio academy in Thailand.
Since then, I have studied the best tattoo techniques and followed the latest trends to offer you a design that will provide the most natural enhancement to your face.
In addition to permanent make-up skills, I have also become a certified professional technician in scalp micropigmentation.
I am dedicated and passionate about my work and look forward to helping you feel great and look amazing with our beauty treatments.

Outama Thammalangsy (Saa), Senior Permanent make-up artist

Saa used to be a facial massage therapist before joining MonaNisa Beauty in early 2017. Master Nisa personally trained her on eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow removal, eyelash extensions, lash lifting and lash enhancement. She received additional trainings in hygiene, microblading, microshading and lip color techniques from other institutes.