What Is Nano Needle With Machine And How Is It Different From Microblading?

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Difference between microblading and nano needle with machine techniques | MonaNisa Beauty | Bangkok, Thailand

"Nano needle with machine" refers to a new semi-permanent brow technique using a digital machine and ultra-fine needles to replicate real hair. The eyebrows created with this method tend to appear more natural than those created with microblading that’s why we call them “Realistic Eyebrows” at MonaNisa Beauty while other salons may call them “Nano Brows”, “Fluffy Brows”, “Nano Hairstrokes”, “ Machine Strokes”... You may get confused with all the different brow flavours but they will refer to the same technique if a pen-like machine is used.

This innovative technique is sometimes called “Nanoblading” but it can be misleading because a single needle is being used, not a blade. The term was probably introduced by the social media and the press following the popularity of “Microblading” to indicate that this technique helps achieve crisper and more natural results than microblading. At MonaNisa Beauty, we prefer to call it "Nano needle with machine" rather "Nanoblading". Microblading is a brow treatment using a hand held tool with very sharp pins grouped in the shape of a blade, hence the term “microblading”.

What are the benefits of the Nano needle technique with machine over microblading?

  • Less uncomfortable during the procedure: clients barely feel anything during the procedure thanks to the digital device whereas some clients might feel uncomfortable due to the tiny incisions made with microblading.
  • More realistic looking brows: the artist can apply more accurate pressure, control the width and curve of a stroke to mimic actual hair resulting in more defined brows with finer details. Artists will not have that flexibility with microblading.
  • Works on all types of skins: even on oily skins, crisp hair strokes can be created. Microblading is not recommended for oily skins as results tend not to stay well, blur over time and heal towards a greyish shade.
  • Lasts longer: once the 1st touch-up is completed within 3 months, results generally stay 2-3 years while microblading results usually last 12-24 months.
  • Healing time is quicker: as the technique causes less trauma on the skin, regular sweating activities (apart from sauna/swimming) can be pursued normally as opposed to microblading which requires more attention during the aftercare.
  • Healing process less noticeable: while scabs are clearly visible with microblading, clients will not really notice them when using the machine as it’s less invasive.

What’s the difference between the “Realistic Eyebrows” created with standard or premium equipment?

Before/after pictures of realistic eyebrows created with machine | MonaNisa Beauty | Bangkok, Thailand

The standard and premium equipment differ from the machine and the pigments used. Here is a summary of their differences:

  • Noise level: Our clients will prefer the premium digital device over the standard one for their reduced noise level. The procedure will then be more comfortable.
  • Device Control:The artist will have better control with the premium machine to facilitate the creation of more defined and natural-looking hair strokes. The standard machine will not offer the same level of perfection.
  • Pigment retention: The premium pigments have a better retention during the procedure while the standard pigments will require the artist to have multiple passes before the pigment is properly applied, resulting in longer procedures when using standard equipment.
  • Iron oxides in pigments: The premium pigments do not contain any iron oxides unlike the standard pigments. Therefore the eyebrows created with standard pigments will heal towards an orange/reddish color over time. We then recommend upgrading to premium equipment in the long run to avoid the accumulation of iron oxides which will otherwise take longer time to disappear.

How much do "Realistic Eyebrows" cost?

The pricing is slightly higher than the pricing for our “hair stroke eyebrows” and ranges from ฿7,900-฿15,900 depending if you prefer to have your eyebrows done by master Nisa or artist Saa and if you opt for standard or premium equipment. Realistic eyebrows for men will be ฿1,000 more expensive than for women as they require some more work. We strongly recommend men to opt for "Realistic eyebrows" to create fuller brows while keeping their appearance very natural.

Experience With Realistic Eyebrows at MonaNisa Beauty

Before/after pictures of realistic eyebrows created with machine | MonaNisa Beauty | Bangkok, Thailand

Mastering the “Nano needle" technique requires advanced semi-permanent makeup knowledge and prior extensive experience with microblading. Despite being a fairly new technique, rest assured that our artists at MonaNisa Beauty took the appropriate time to learn and become fully competent with this new technique before offering this new brow treatment to our clients. Hair stroke eyebrows created with microblading will still be provided by artist Saa as long as your skin is normal. If you want to benefit from the more refined look of our “realistic eyebrows” created with a digital device, both artist Saa and master Nisa will be able to offer those brow treatments.