Lash enhancement/Brow lifting

Would you like to you have your lashes look longer and thicker without lash extensions or mascara?

Lash enhancement treatments offer an alternative to lash extensions by curling your natural lashes, dyeing them and nurturing them to make them look darker, fuller and longer.

The whole treatment takes up to 60 mins and consists of 6 stages:

  • 1

    Preparation (10 mins)

    Your eyelashes are cleaned with a gentle lash cleanser and we choose the right size of silicone curler to achieve the most suitable curl.

  • 2

    Lifting (10 mins)

    Each lash is curled individually using professional products for lashes and a gel is applied to easily reshape them at a later stage.

  • 3

    Volumizing fix (10 mins)

    A cream is applied to lock the curls.

  • 4

    Tinting (10 mins)

    Tinting the lashes makes them darker to create a fuller and thicker look, similarly to mascara.

  • 5

    Nourishing (10 mins)

    Your lashes receive a treatment based on keratin, proteins, argan oil and vitamins to strengthen and make them appear luscious.

  • 6

    Moisturizing serum (2 mins)

    A moisturizing serum is applied to help remove the products used to hold your lashes in place and reveal your curled lashes.

Before/After result of a keratin lash lifting enhancement treatment | MonaNisa Beauty | Bangkok, Thailand

Frequently asked questions

How long do the eyelash enhancement results last?

The results last up to 1-2 months, after which we recommend you to come back to maintain the results.

Do I still need to put mascara on?

While lash enhancements enhance your lashes with a natural look, if you prefer more volume you can also add a coat of mascara.

Meet our beauty technicians

Nisa, Registered Nurse, Master Permanent make-up artist

I used to work as a registered nurse in one of the international hospitals in Bangkok, before joining the United Nations as a consultant.
I graduated as the best specialist from the eyebrows studio academy in Thailand.
Since then, I have studied the best tattoo techniques and followed the latest trends to offer you a design that will provide the most natural enhancement to your face.
In addition to permanent make-up skills, I have also become a certified professional technician in scalp micropigmentation.
I am dedicated and passionate about my work and look forward to helping you feel great and look amazing with our beauty treatments.

Outama Thammalangsy (Saa), Senior Permanent make-up artist

Saa used to be a facial massage therapist before joining MonaNisa Beauty in early 2017. Master Nisa personally trained her on eyebrow tattoo, eyebrow removal, eyelash extensions, lash lifting and lash enhancement. She received additional trainings in hygiene, microblading, microshading and lip color techniques from other institutes.