Frequently asked questions

Standard equipment with Artist SaaPremium equipment with Master Nisa
Pigment quality
Contains iron oxydes
Compliant with FDA regulations
Sensitivity tested by DERMATEST®

Does not contain iron oxydes
Higher pigment density
Compliant with the requirements of ResAP (2008 )1, the ruling of 21.12.2012 and the new pharmaceutical raw material Regulation 04 /2013 concerning nickel content
Color fadingOrange/reddish color appears after fading due to the presence of iron oxides in the pigmentNo orange/reddish color appears after fading due to the absence of iron oxides in the pigment
Needle quality
High standard

High-end premium
Needle sharpness

Crisper lines
Machine quality
(applicable to all procedures except hair stroke eyebrows)

Standard features

Better noise control and vibration isolation, needle pressure auto-adjustment to skin resistance and other advanced features
Artist's years of experience2+ years5+ years
Languages spokenThai, Lao (Our administrative assistant will have to interpret into English)English, Thai, Lao

Feel free to contact us by email, LINE, Facebook or by phone. Tell us the procedure(s) you are interested in and with which artist you would like to have an appointment. Please note that any touch-up should be performed with the same artist in charge of the initial procedure. It is better to book as soon as possible because our schedule can be quickly full. Appointments for touch-ups should also be made in advance to ensure the availability of the artist.
Booking policy: Please note that your appointment can only be confirmed once we receive a non-refundable deposit per procedure. You will be able to make an online deposit from here.

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